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ISBN No: 9693519019
Publisher: SMP
Language: ENGLISH
Subject: HISTORY
Year: 2006
Price: RS  3000
The third in a series of books that began with "Riders on the Wind", "Sea monsters and the Sun god" represents more strongly than ever before what Rashid is trying to accomplish: to preserve a cultural heritage that we are losing to modernism. It is in this spirit of preservation that these articles, published between 1998 and 2000, are being presented in the form of a book. Rashid himself describes this volume in a much more comprehensive manner. "This books is a celebration of the wonderful people that live across this country, the real people of Pakistan: honest, hard-working, hospitable, persevering and full of life and humour. These are the people who open their homes and their hearts to hobos like me and who make a journey memorable. They must never be forgotten. Not long in the future when we will have irrevocable changed our ways, these pages will still tell the chance reader the way we once were."
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