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ISBN No: 9693517741
Publisher: SMP
Language: ENGLISH
Subject: HISTORY
Year: 2005
Price: RS  2800
This is not a book of archaeology or of architecture or architectural history, or even a book to parade the 'scenic beauty' of a part of Punjab. Consequently it does not talk of the rocks and stones that make our monuments or the 'picture postcard' valleys that make picnic places. it is a book of tales out of history that have long been known only to a select club of archeologists and historians. These tales have eluded lay persons for too long and this book attempts to bring them to the common reader. Real history being in the safe keeping of a secret club of historians and archaeologists who only write for each other or in unimaginative textbooks, a great crop of folk history is being reaped by local 'historians' in the Salt Range, as indeed in the rest of the couuntry. This pernicious lot have but one desire: to prove that their own little vollage or town is the focal point of the world and its hitory. With no real knowledge, either because they do not have access to the sources or because of a lack of interest, they do not set out to search the truth. Rather, they conceive a notion and set out to prove it. Local journals whose editors lack scholastic judgment publish and disseminate these fancies and so history is slowly being rubbished. This book, therefore, attempts to tell the interested reader the colourful unfolding of history in the Salt Range and the Potohar Plateau. It hopes to do so not through a description of ruined walls, foundations, battlements and coins alone, but through individuals or groups of them who made history. The book hopes to be an accessory for the curious traveller in the region.
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