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ISBN No: 9693515293
Publisher: SMP
Language: ENGLISH
Year: 2003
Price: RS  600
In the words of Syed Hossein Nasr, an Iranian philosopher of Islam, “This highly readable book reflects a lifetime of scholarly concern and at the same time personal intimacy with the words and world of Rumi. In simple and poetic language the author takes the reader through the cultural heritage of Konya, where the saint is buried, his life and family, his transfiguring encounter with Shams alDin Tabrizi, as well as his poetry and mystical teachings along with his unparalleled intellectual and spiritual legacy. Annemarie Schimmel has provided an at once scholarly, poetic and existentially moving account of the life, works and spiritual message of that supreme troubadour of Persian Sufi literature and one of the greatest saints of Islam”.
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